Now provides driving training services in Turkey

FIKIR Driving School It was and still is a center of thought distinguished by its services that suit and satisfy your requirements
Now provides driving training services
📣 From home 🏡 To home 🏠
In practical lessons 🚗 for the government driving exam
Education continues to success

Practical lessons 🚘
🚙 From home to home
🚙 From work to home
🚙 From home to work

Theoretical lessons 📋📓
Lessons are delivered to your mobile phone via WhatsApp
Free repetition fee when failing 👎🏻
Free avoidance lessons 🎗

💡 We offer one additional lesson ☝🏻 On the car (after possession of the license 🎫) In public streets 🛤 And ensure congestion to increase self-confidence 💪🏻

trainers Turkish accredited from the Traffic Directorate
This project is exclusive 📈 and unique implemented for the first time exclusively in Istanbul
Repetition until benefit 🔖

It is noteworthy that the Fikir Center was the first to contribute with the Education Directorate to the Arabization of the governmental experience of the theoretical exam in the Turkish driving license project in the Arabic language in Istanbul 🇹🇷 and in cooperation with a large number of Turkish driving schools

🥇Tourist stay (even if the problem has expired)
🥇Prove that you are not illiterate (a paper proving the completion of the elementary stage at least)
🥇4 Biyometrik face image
🥇The cost is 6999 TL all inclusive (does not include the government tax that is paid after the practical exam)

The time remaining to accept papers from the Turkish Education Directorate is 72 hours

We accept payment via bank account

To register, send your residence photo and location to WhatsApp
The employee will come to your home to sign the registration papers for the examination in English



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